MSU Industries is a family owned foundation repair company that has been repairing foundations in Arlington since 2006.

The Arlington soils areclosely level to strongly sloping and are on alluvial fans and terraces at elevations of about 400 to 2,000 feet. The climate shares long and dry summers with average July temperature of 76° F. The winters are short and mild, with an average January temperature of 51° F. The average annual rainfall of 10 to 15 inches. The soils are well-drained with slow permeability and slow to medium runoff. South of I-20, piers tend to go much deeper. The cost of the above climate and geographic soil facts is dry foundation and therefore common appearance of foundation problems.

In these situations we recommend using steel during a foundation repair. Straight or helical street piers, but be sure that they provide you a lifetime fix.
The straight steelpiers can be placed up to 75’ in the soil until they reach rock-solid bed. This isessential when fixing them under or around your foundation in Arlington area. In case of inadequate beams, helical steel piers can be used, as they go to 15’ into the ground. They are ideal to provide a lift of the foundation. In both cases, the foundation is supported with a steel bracket. There is minimal Installation time and landscape disruption.

If you have seen any signs of foundation damage or if you are building a new home, contact us. If you a building a new commercial building, contact us. As an A+ BBB Accredited foundation contractor and a team of great professionals, MSU guarantees a quality solution. Once you call us, we will provide a free investigation and offer an affordable, yet best solution for the foundation problem. When the work is done, we will make another guarantee - a SIGNED LifetimeWarranty, without any conditions or exclusions. We are MSU Industries. Your Local Foundation Experts.

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