The expansive soils of Carrollton are constantly expanding and contracting.
But what does expansive soils mean to a foundation? Expansive soils that contain claycan absorb water. When they take in that water they swell. The more water the clay absorbs the bigger it gets. It is common toexpand10%.That’s when the problem occurs. This major volume change can push enough pressure on a house, building or other structure to cause some serious damage.

Let’s imagine that it rains real hard, the water soaks in and causes the clay to swell and your foundation to rise. Then it gets hot, the soil becomes dry and contracts and the foundation settles. Each time it swells and settles, it shifts a little more. With time, this can cause severe damage to the foundation.

What is the solution?

Steel piers. They tend support to the weight much better than concrete. They can be placed much deeper in the ground and are supported with a steel bracket.

As a homeowner, you can notice a problem usually when you see the most common sign – a crack, either inside the house, in your brick outside or in the foundation. If you do see any signand you think you have a foundation problem, the safest next step is to call MSU and let any of our licensed professionals provide a free inspection on spot.

Let us advise you that the cost of delaying a foundation repair can be very expensive. It’s very important to be aware of and fix the problem as soon as it’s possible.
Another advice - We look at many foundations that do have some signs of foundation problems but are without any issues with the foundation. We aresimply letting our clients know that their foundation is in good shape and they have no need for a repair.

If you have any questions about scheduling a free inspection or just have other questions regarding your foundation, please contact MSU today on 817-360-6117.