Dallas Foundation Repair

MSU Industries is a family owned business that has been doing foundation repair in Dallas since 2006.

When your foundation moves, it causes a whole list of problem with your home. Most folks that have lived in Dallas for any length of time know to watch out for cracks in their foundation, but those are not the only signs of foundation trouble that can be visible.

If you are noticing nail pops and your wallpaper wrinkling, this could be signs of moving walls. Other signs you may notice as your foundation is shifting are gaps between crown molding pieces and gaps between windows and caulking are also common signs.

If you are noticing any issues with your foundation, call the experts in Dallas foundation repair today for a FREE foundation repair inspection.

With Dallas having one of the greatest population growths in the country over the last several years, many homes have been built on poorly-suited soils. The expansive soils of Dallas are constantly expanding and contracting.

We’re not only experts in foundation repair and foundation piering, MSU Industries is also skilled at dealing with the extensive clay soils that are found in the Dallas, Texas area.

When deciding on a foundation company, you can’t take that lightly. Foundation repair is not an easy job as no two jobs are the same. You should choose a company like MSU Industries. We have the years of experience to repair you homes foundation to give you many more years of enjoyment in your home plus protect your investment.

Regardless of what the warranty says, if the company is no longer around you are left with no one to service the warranty. You should always check their references and ask to see a license and a copy of general liability and workers comp insurance.

MSU Industries has been around since 2006 and we are here to stay.

We can provide you information on our past clients and we encourage you to contact them to make sure they were completely satisfied with the service and repairs they received from our services.

Call us to schedule a FREE Foundation Repair Inspection today at 817-360-6117.