Fort Worth Foundation Repair Company

MSU Industries is a family owned foundation repair company that has been repairing foundations in Fort Worth since 2006.

The most obvious signs of damage to your foundation are sticking doors, uneven floors, cracked foundations, floors, walls, ceilings and windows but there are many more.

People are always saying that Fort Worth is its own city and when it comes to the soils in Cowtown, they are correct.

Fort Worth foundation repair is different than the rest of North Central Texas because it is made up of rocky soils. Using steel and/or concrete piers providegreat options when it comes to foundation repair however you need to know which one is right for your situation.

That’s exactly why you need to contact MSU Industries for a FREE foundation repair inspection.

We will send out our highly trained team to do a complete evaluation and based on our vast experience of your location and the area, make the appropriate recommendation on the best solution for your foundation repair needs.

When your home foundation needs repair, you really need to do your research to choose a foundation company. Foundation repair is not a simpleeasy job as no two jobs are the same. You should choose a company like MSU Industries. We have the years of experience to repair you home’s foundation in Fort Worth to give you years of trouble free enjoyment in your home plus protect your investment.

Most companies offer a warranty and regardless of what it says, if the company is no longer around you are left with no one to service the warranty. You should always check their references and ask to see a license and a copy of general liability and workers comp insurance.

MSU Industries has been around since 2006 and we are here to stay.
We can provide you information on our past customers and we highly encourage you to contact them to make sure they were completely satisfied with the service and repairs they received from our services.

Call us to schedule a FREE Foundation Repair Inspection today at 817-360-6117.