Garland County has moderately cool winters and hot summers. Rainfall is fairly heavy and well distributed through the year. Snow falls nearly every winter, but lasts only a few days. However, the soil contains high percentage of clay, in high depth. Clay is highly absorbing and dries out water. It expands and makes the foundation fragile.
With tendencies to break. Garland’s soils had proven that steel foundation repair is an excellent solution on long-term.

The technique of installing steel piers usually comes with higher cost, although it depends on several factors:
- The depth of the soil that must be extended with the steel piers;
- The quantity of steel piers required;
- Whetherthe foundation is installed under interior or exterior piers;
- The steel market price of steel during the period of repair.

The above factors can certainly be gathered and concluded by MSU, in one package of FREE consultation, FREE inspection, a fair quote and signed lifetime warranty.
If there are signs of foundation damage, or if there is need of new foundation installation for a commercial or residential building, let us know. It is the best way to protect your property of further damage, to at least consult with professional contractors. And we are proud to say that we are professional, licensed foundation contractors. To share a bit more, we do offer the highest quality in Garland’s area, for commercial and for private structures. Our referrals, ratings and memberships stated on our website are small proof of the statement.

Do not hesitate to contact us, even if you have just few questions in mind, without any need for assistance on field. We are always happy to assist our customers.

A small tip: Although homeowners can water the soil around a house foundation, it's not practical to water near and around a freeway.

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