Irving is known as some of the most volatile soil in the Metroplex. The clay is participating with large percentage and it is the reason why the soil moves, expands and settles so often in this region. The clay has high ability to absorb water during a rainy period but also can lose large volume during the dry, hot periods. Although this region has numerous problems with foundation, depth is key to solving the foundation problem.

The most reasonable solution is using steel pier installation. The steel can be extended to depths of 70 feet, which is more than enough for a lifetime repair. The installation itself is not a long process and with minimal landscape disruption.

How do you know that the foundation needs repair? Do you notice uneven floor, wrinkles or tears on the wall, or the most common – cracks? Do you have a problem closing the doors? These signs very often alert that there is an issue with the foundation. The signs apply for residential and commercial buildings too.

Call MSU Industries.

Call us and explain what you have noticed. We will provide a free inspection and share our findings with you and if there is a real foundation problem. If so, we will consult the best solution and the most affordable one. We tend to create both in one offer. A reasonable and guaranteed quote sealed with a lifetime warranty.

A tip we can share now is that if you notice cracks, please consult us as soon as possible. The longer the damage is ignored, the higher the cost of repair will become. Seeing the damage means that the underlining problem has occurred much earlier and the structural damage will only continue to grow. So please, consult a professional. It’s the best and safest first step.

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