Lewisville is known for it’s soils rich with clay.
Althoughthe soils are usually not entirely composed of clay minerals, any residential or corporate structure may be damaged when a soil expands by even5%. Expansion of clay minerals can cause foundations and walls to fissure and roads and sidewalks to twist, similar to frost heaving.

How can you know that the soil is expanding?

- A secure indication of soil expansion is when patio or driveway slabs move away from the house.
- Another sign of expanding soil beneath a building may be impaired alignment of doors and windows.
- Cracked walls are the most common and some say, final sign of an expanding soil.

The Lewisville climate produces a cycle of shrinkage and swelling that magnitudes a repetitive pressure on any structure.The soil of these repeated shrink/swell cycles is also known as soil with “popcorn texture”.
If you are planning a new construction, the best first step is to check for the above signs. If you are not certain, or there is no obvious sign of soil expansion in the constructing zone, it’s important and best to make a laboratory test hiring a professional soil engineering laboratory.Once you have the results, the next step is to set up a foundation inspection. A professional contractor will offer you all possible solutions, according to your requirements.

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Small but practical tip for prevention but practical tip for prevention: When landscaping near structures, choose desert-adapted native plants over non-native plants that require extensive watering.