MSU’s experience in McKinney, TX,leads to a finding that the most of the foundation problems are not the result of the structure,but the soil that the structure is built upon.

McKinney is pretty average from a depth standpoint, as also from soils characteristics in Collin County. The entire northern and northeastern part of Texas has soils with high percentage of clay. The soils move horizontally and vertically and can severely damage rigid concrete foundations. Homeowners and building owners are meeting the common issues – cracking in the interior or exterior, uneven floors and doorsthat cannot be closed properly and holes between the windows and the walls.

Can we explain the underlining cause of a foundation damage in more details?

For sure. The clay soil supports the concrete foundations above them. If the soil is moving then the forces are stressfulfor the foundations. Normally, clay soils will consume water as sponges do. When the clay soils underneath a commercial building or a home expand,it elevatesand can crack the foundation. And when the clay soils underneath a building or a home lose water due to hot, dry weather, they will shrink and lose the contact with the concrete foundation above. The foundation then collapses and cracks. And when a foundation has experienced damage usually the interior and exterior of the home or building will have damage too.

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Fun fact: Did you know that the city McKinney is named after Collin McKinney, one of the original signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence?

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