Mesquitehas expansive soils that cause problems in the constructions, regardless if it’s a commercial or residential structure.

Why are the expansive soils a problem?

They contain minerals like the smecitite clays with high capacity to absorb water. And when they absorb the water, they increase in volume. Sometimes the expansions go over 10% and that can cause a house or a building to cause small to severe damage.

When the weather is hot and dry, the expansive soils will also shrink. This shrinkage can take away the support from the construction and the consequence is once again, with a damage soil.

The Mesquite region has a climate that causes ongoing cycle between the expansion and shrinking of the soil. Therefore, on longer terms, these activities cause continues stress to structure. Damaged, cracked floors and foundations are common consequences. If the owner doesn’t react on time and ignores the signs and worse, the obvious damages, then the damage continues to the upper floors. The more a solution is prolonged, the worse and much more expensive the damage becomes.

What is the best and the most affordable solution?

The best solution are steel piers. Their strength allows them to be placed on the top of the list of solutions in Mesquite. But if you are interested in more affordability, then concrete piers are an option. However, please note that steel piers are the ones given a lifetime fixture.

But let’s talk. Contact us and we can agree when to come for a free inspection. Only then we can be 100% sure of the damage characteristics, the cause of and the probable solutions to the same.

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