Plano depths are pretty average from a depth standpoint.  Deciding between steel and concrete should depend on how long you plan on staying in your home. As we know, steel is a long-term or as some like to say, lifetime solution for a foundation problem.

How does foundation problem happen?

When it rains in Plano, at most in spring, the clay captivates water and it swells like a sponge. But then, during the dry and hot summers, however, the clay strengthens again.  And then it shrinks and often cracks.
That is causing structures built over the foundation to shift and settle. The deficiency of rain in recent years have worsened the problem and lead to widespread foundation damage in Plano and the surrounding area.
If you notice any sign of a foundation problem, you can contact us for a free inspection. Any familiar sign is an alert – sooner you react, the better.  The most obvious sign is a crack. In your residential or commercial structure, outside of it, or on the foundation itself.

How can MSU help?

Once we inspect the problem, we will make a reasonable quote with a signed, lifetime warranty as part of it. Our licensed professionals will work with highest quality and will confirm our A+ BBB ranking for you.  All needed work will be done as it should be. Flawless.  If there is no need for foundation repair, we will certainly advise you the same. So no matter if you are not sure, but you do suspect there is a foundation problem, call us. If you have an upcoming building plan, call us. We can talk about the details - offer a custom quote depending on your needs and budget. It doesn’t matter if it’s a residential or commercial structure.
We will be delighted to hear your requirements and help the only way we know. Professionally.

Call us to schedule a FREE Foundation Repair Inspection today at 817-360-6117.