Preventative Services

Root Barriers – Tree Root Barriers are patented mechanical guides that redirect tree roots down and away from hardscapes, preventing costly root damage while preserving the health and beauty of mature trees.

tree root barrier

Tree Root Barriers are most effective when they are installed at the right time and in the right place. Incorrectly installed rood barriers can prevent your tree from developing a healthy root system or provide insufficient protection against aggressive roots. Properly preparing the soil around your tree when it is planted can increase the effectiveness of your root barrier and ensure that the tree develops a healthy root system away from foundations and buried utilities.

Tree Removal –No one ever wants to lose a tree but sometimes it’s the best thing. Tree removals are done in most cases to remove dead and dying trees as well as those threes that have become unsafe.

French Drains – Water flow from runoff can be your foundation’s biggest enemy. Our experts can come out and provide a free inspection to determine if the drainage around your home is contributing to your current or future foundation issues and recommend if a French Drain is right for your situation.

French Drain

Installing French Drains around your property is a common and useful way to help you defend your home from water incursion issues.

Under Ground Irrigation Systems – This is another way to control the water runoff on your property, conserve water and keep your landscaping looking good.

A correctly installed and maintained underground irrigation system conserves water by guiding it exactly where it needs to go.

MSU Industries has 20 years experience in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Not only can we repair your foundations, our expert teams can help you identify if any of these preventative services will help you protect your biggest investment… your home.

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